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A wise man once said that some books should be blog posts; some blog posts should be tweets, and some tweets should never be tweeted. Now, for some of you, that sentence flew right over your head, and that's okay. For others of you, you know all too well what I mean. Most blogs are pointless and if ever read out loud would sound like so many cats dying. The last thing I want to do with a blog is contributed to the cacophony of noise on the internets. So please allow me to give three reasons for starting a Pastor's Blog.

1. It is an Opportunity to Educate

I am all about getting good information into your possession. Granted, that sentence implies I have good information to impart. Hopefully, I do. But seriously, there is so much for us all to learn about God, his Son Jesus, and the gospel he brings. So why not use as many tools as we can to learn? Perhaps some days I simply share a great article I read about gospel ministry. Or perhaps an article on discipleship or growing old well or parenting or Alabama football. I'm just kidding. No one cares about parenting. A blog (done well) is an opportunity to educate.

2. It is an Opportunity to Expound

One of the most difficult parts about preaching is not having the time to say all that needs to be said about a given passage. A blog is an opportunity to expound upon a certain point or idea that arose during the sermon. Or perhaps an application point can be further unpacked on the blog. Certainly, a sermon should always be complete with an explanation, exhortation, and application, but a blog is an opportunity to go a little deeper in a specific direction.

3. It is an Opportunity to Extol

'Extol' is an old word, and I will admit that I only half knew what it meant before I googled it to make sure. But I am a good Baptist, which means that coherence is sometimes sacrificed at the altar of alliteration. To extol means to "praise enthusiastically". Of course, it does. We knew that, right? Anyways, a blog is an opportunity to praise God enthusiastically. In other words, it is another opportunity to make much of him. That is my primary hope for this blog--that God would be made much of. If it ever ceases to be that, if it ever ceases to be useful, then it will be discontinued.

I look forward to many years of fruitful blog posts. Remember that I love you all very much.


Jordan Cobb

Senior Pastor

Standing Springs Baptist Church


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